About Athlete ASAP

We have been preparing & repairing highly effective athletes since ’94 by properly implementing comprehensive, scientifically-based training systems that are orthopaedically-sound and performance-driven.  

We have walked hand-in-hand from development onto Olympic podiums. We have supported young amateurs to grow into prominent professional careers in Football, Baseball, Basketball and Fight Sciences. It has always been our proud honor to forge capable men and women into highly effective tier 1 rescue & operators. We crossed the threshold as many of our athletes' children are now under our care and responsibility. They now get to learn from the wisdom accrued from all of our mistakes, accentuate what we did correctly and to reverse engineer their long-range strategic plan of evolution. From in-arena performance results, practice metrics and on to general health and well-being we have experienced it all. What has always been considered out on the fringes, has now been thrust into the forefront as the model. Everyone has been forced to recognize that there must be a "Redefining Your Health & Performance".  Adaptability, Sustainability, Accountability and Psychomotor Abilities are what we strive to grow and nurture. Be courageous and buckle up for Athlete ASAP.